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Notable Quotes
  • Regarding law: "Someone is always lying, and its usually everybody." Hathily J. Winston, March 7, 2003.

  • Cessante ratione legis cessat et ipsa lex. "The reason for the law ceasing, the law also ceases."
    United States v. McLaughlin, 170 F.3d 889, 895, Federal Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit (Or.),1999.

    "Long after the public spotlight has moved on in search of fresh intrigue, the lawyers remain.
    And so we find ourselves adjudicating a decade-old dispute between
    ... "   Flowers v. Carville,
    No. 00-17299 (9th Cir. November 12, 2002) Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski.

    "When the facts are against you, you argue the law; when the law is against you, you argue the facts;
              When both are against you, you attack the man."
    David Cornwell Sr., Lawyer for "Superagent" Leigh Steinberg ("Jerry McGuire")

    "Having is not as good as wanting; it's not logical, but it's true." Sarac.

    Qui non prohibet quod prohibere es postest, assentire videteur.
    He who does not forbid what he can forbid, seems to assent. 2 Inst. 308; 8 Exch. 304.

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    Fill in the title and section numbers.
    22 USC 1501 would be Title 22, Section 1501).
    You must fill in both title and section.
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    United States Supreme Court The Oyez Project Oyez is a comprehensive multimedia database of major constitutional cases heard by the United States Supreme Court. Resource including digital audio of oral arguments and delivery of the Court's opinion.
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